Update on Status
Posted by FrostyCoolSlug - 7th March 2014
Firstly, a belated happy new year to everyone visiting, it's once again been quiet around here for several months, here's somewhat of an update for you to let you know we're still around.

The state of Darkgalaxy
Progress has reached a slow point again, there are some bugs I would like fixed and some features I want to have in place (including in-system travel time) before rolling out Beta7, running Beta7 with beta 6 code somewhat defeats the purpose of the testing phases, as all the work our userbase has been doing reporting bugs would seem pointless, with that said, I may investigate running another round on the old code sometime next month just so you have something to do while you wait, if this prooves popular we may even look at running rolling betas with automatic resets just so lack of progress doesn't mean you wont be able to play, you may just have to suffer some bugs for longer. It's on my "to think about" list!

The Forums
The forums were taken down due to being exploited by this vulnerability, unfortunately the damage caused was quite severe (and actually broke the forums completely), making cleanup and re-oppening without deleting everything almost impossible. We're currently working on new TurnEngine forums with a much more integrated experience. One idea which has been floating around is "Personas", where you can post as your in-game player with no way of linking back to your primary account meaning alliance or between-round name switching will no longer require multiple forum accounts (because you're worth it!). We hope to get the initial forums out soon, I'll try and keep you updated on progress.

For now, keep on truckin'!
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