Darkgalaxy Beta 7
Posted by FrostyCoolSlug - 12th July 2013
Greetings would-be conquerors of the universe! A new Beta is afoot.

Our plans are for this to be the final DG beta before we jump into a full round, so we'll be working through all the remaining bugs during this round, and hopefully be looking into adding a few new features while we're at it. This ultimately means this round will be somewhat in a 'state of flux' with some gameplay changes occuring mid-game.

It's also important to note, that new figures are in for combat which need testing and feedback, there's a higher chance of 'stalemate' battles in certain situations, but general combat in itself should be far more logical. All ships are ratioed against each other based on score, so larger ships will by definition be more powerful overall but general effectiveness against some ships is tweaked so if a ship is 50% less powerful against one class of ship, that 50% is balanced around other ships to ensure all is even.

Holoships have also taken a bit of a nerf, they're much cheaper to build now, but not as reliable as before (they die faster), the primary use of the holoships is misdirection, not as an offensive force / tank screen.

Please feel free to leave feedback in the forum, if you spot a bug, please use the 'Report Bug' button in the bottom right (It may be just a white button on some browsers) and I'll look into getting around to fixing it.

Turns are scheduled to start on Sunday the 14th of July at 16:00 Game Time.
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